Andy Cohen Celebrates Hanukkah With His Kids in the Sweetest Family Photo

Andy Cohen celebrated the first day of Hanukkah yesterday with his two kids by his side. In an adorable new family photo, the Watch What Happens Live host held his 7-month-old daughter Lucy next to his 3-year-old son Ben as they gaze at the lit menorah.

“🕎 Happy Hanukkah from my family to yours 🕎,” Cohen wrote in the caption.

In the picture, Ben looks to be playing with chocolate gelt, which is a traditionally candy given to kids during Hanukkah. For her part, Lucy is laser focused on her older brother. She’s just gazing intently at him to watch what he’s doing, and it’s absolutely precious.

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On the first day of Hanukkah last year, Cohen holds Ben as he lights the first candle in a photo on Instagram. The 2-year-old smiles and tilts his head as he gazes at the lights, and it’s so sweet!

In an interview with Romper last month, Cohen opened up about his family’s holiday traditions and how much fun it is that Ben is participating now. “He loves lighting the menorah,” Cohen told the outlet. “The other day he asked when does Hanukkah start? That he knows and looks forward to that is enough for me.”

Lucy just likes being with Ben. “When I’m in the room with Lucy and Ben is also there, it’s like I’m invisible,” Cohen told Romper. “She cannot take her eyes off of him. I think that’s great and a beautiful sign for things to come.”

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The Bravo TV host also shared that he puts up a fake Christmas tree, too, and simply enjoys this time of year as a dad. “The kids make me feel different, about everything,” he said. “They’ve totally reframed my thought process on everything and they make me feel like my home is a home for the first time.”

How sweet is that? But just because he enjoys being a dad doesn’t mean he’s ready for more kids. In a Nov. 18, 2022, interview with Us Weekly, he said, “No, I do not [want to have more kids]. I’m good. Let me answer that very quickly.”

Although, he did backtrack a little. “That being said, if I fall in love tomorrow and someone wants … I mean, then we’re gonna have to talk,” he told the outlet.

We totally get it. Kids are hard work, but also, they make the holidays (and just life in general) so much more fun. Seeing the magic through their eyes of this time of year is truly priceless, and we love how much Cohen involves them in his Hanukkah traditions.  

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