Adorable Weed-Inspired Baby Names for the 'Legalize It' Crowd

With legalized marijuana taking off in so many places, you might be liberal-minded enough to give one of these weed-inspired baby names a try.

Listen, we’re not advocating the illegal usage of marijuana in any way, shape or form, but with so many states embracing the “ganj,” why not take advantage of one of these adorable names if you happen to live in one of them? Who knew that there were so many great baby names hiding in the weeds (sorry, we can’t help it)?

Baby names inspired by marijuana

If you’re a particularly big fan of legal marijuana (or if your baby’s birth date happens to be 4/20!), you’ll want to take a look at baby names inspired by the strains and slang of the wide world of weed. Trust us, they’re way cute.

Marijuana-inspired girl names

  • Charlotte: After the famous strain of marijuana known as “Charlotte’s Web”
  • Sativa: “Uplifting” or “energetic” species of marijuana
  • Indica: “Mellow” or “laid back” species of marijuana
  • Mary Jane: Classic slang for the good stuff
  • Ganja: Slang for marijuana with its roots in India
  • Alice: Short for Alice B. Toklas, another name for a delicious pot brownie
  • Kaya: Slang for marijuana of African origin
  • Meggie: Good ol’ marijuana
  • Juanita: Slang for marijuana, of Mexican origin
  • Zooie: A joint holder

Marijuana-inspired boy names

  • Bud: The best part of your favorite plant
  • Ace: A marijuana cigarette, or joint, if you will
  • Bale: A whole lot of marijuana
  • Blaze: What you do when you get your marijuana
  • Bogart: A term for keeping a joint all to yourself
  • Esra: A beat term for weed
  • Herb: A gentleman’s term for marijuana
  • Monte: Marijuana coming from South America
  • Endo: Slang for indoor-grown cannabis. If the name Enzo can be rising in popularity, why not Endo?
  • Reef: Could be short for “reefer”, could be an ocean-inspired baby name.
  • Baker: Someone who smokes marijuana
  • Kush: A strain of marijuana that comes from the Hindu Kush Mountains. Great for sleep apnea.

Baby names inspired by popular stoners

Celebrity stoners come in all shapes and sizes, just like your favorite strain of Indica. You can use the name of a character from a famous stoner movie, or a celebrity who’s outspoken about his marijuana use.

Girl names inspired by popular stoners

  • Cedella: A daughter of Bob Marley
  • Shavonne: A character from Dazed and Confused
  • Simone: A character from Dazed and Confused
  • Mae: A character from Reefer Madness
  • Marley: The surname of Bob Marley
  • Janis: Inspired by Janis Joplin, a singer in the ’70s
  • Nancy: After Nancy Botwin, the pot-dealing suburban mom in Weeds

Boy names inspired by popular stoners

  • Bob: The first name of Bob Marley — but his last name works well too!
  • Jack: Inspired by Jack Kerouac, beat author of On the Road
  • Jay: As in Jay from Jay and Silent Bob
  • Ziggy: The son of Bob Marley
  • Thurgood: A character from Half Baked
  • Jerry: As in Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead
  • Dylan: As in Bob Dylan, who famously sang the line, “Everybody must get stoned.”
  • Calvin: The birth name of a famous rapper, also known as Snoop Doggy Dogg, Snoop Dogg, Snoop Lion, DJ Snoopadelic and Snoopzilla. Actually, any of these monikers could work as well.
  • Willie: Famous musician and stoner (who, according to Snoop, once outsmoked him), Willie Nelson

These celebrity moms may use weed to help them with that daily juggle.

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