19 Celebrity Parents Who Have Spoken About the Complexities of Raising Black & Multi-Racial Children

Raising Black, brown, and multi-racial kids in a world with deep, centuries-long racist roots has always been a daunting, frightening, anxiety-inducing challenge for parents of non-white children. But today more than ever, it’s brazenly clear just how stacked society is against people with deeper, darker skin tones — simply because of their skin tones.

Smartphones, social media, and a 24/7 news cycle have both helped to begin the long overdue conversations about how non-white people are treated and created a severe overwhelm about how often Black, brown, and multi-racial people are discriminated against, from microaggressions to full-blown violent attacks.

After George Floyd’s deeply disturbing murder in 2020, the conversation around how Black folks in particular have been (and still are) mistreated in society took off, with everyone from the mailman to household celebrity names contributing to the call for a more just, fair, equitable world — especially for the little Black, brown, and multi-racial kids who are currently growing up.

Racism, both on a global scale and in the United States, is a highly complex, ever-evolving history to unpack and navigate, and the following celebrity parents with Black and multi-racial kids know that better than most. From Ciara and Russell Wilson to Meghan Markle and Ellen Pompeo, these famous figures have spoken out about their fears, struggles, anxieties, and hopes for their Black and multi-racial children — all in the name of creating a better world for their precious babies.

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