10 hacks for kids that can make your life as a parent easier

"Let your baby watch you fall asleep. If it's their bedtime, don't play on your phone or read a book. They are following your lead. So be boring, close your eyes, and be still and quiet, and they will learn to, too," said a parent.

Managing a child is a one-of-a-kind experience, especially for first-time parents. And if you are having a hard time trying to get your child to follow your instructions, here are some hacks you can try, as suggested by parents on a Reddit thread.

1. “To get a newborn to burp: Sit them on your knee, holding them under their armpits, and move their upper bodies in a circle several times. Like a reverse hula move I guess. I learned it from a neonatal nurse, and it’s almost infallible. So much faster and more reliable than regular burping.” -ohno_not_another_one

2. “Learn to say thank you and I’m sorry to them. It makes you closer and helps your relationship with them no matter what age. Experiences are better than things. Waking up before them makes the day a lot easier. Find a way to see them when you’re driving.” -kjfrog

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3. “If you have a hard time getting them to eat their vegetables give them before the dinner because thats when they are hungry and will eat almost anything, give them some carrots and cucumbers in a glass which is a great snack.” -marcusguthe

4. “I had 3 kids very close in age. At one point I assigned them each a day of the week (they each got two and Sunday was the leftover) Whatever the question was, the answer was whose day is it. Who gets to go first? Who gets to ride in the front? Who has to take their bath first? I saved so many arguments with this.” -Governmentman43

5. “I told my kid her ears turn red when she tells a lie, now she covers her ears when she lies. She is almost 7 and it still works.” -Eissbein

6. “If you threaten a consequence, follow through 100 per cent of the time. Kids will test boundaries at every age, you just have to make it appropriate for their age group.” -AnatasiaBeaverhausen

7. “Let your baby watch you fall asleep. If it’s their bedtime, don’t play on your phone or read a book. They are following your lead. So be boring, close your eyes, and be still and quiet, and they will learn to, too.” -_LiterallyAnybody_

8. “Mother of two teenagers. Don’t just listen but ask. Ask questions that can’t be answered with a yes or no. Then follow up with a few more questions about the answers given, and before you know it, they are talking to you without trying.” -dorkymom26

9. “Teach your kids to read VERY EARLY. Read to them as soon as you bring them home; but really focus at age 2. Start making them read back to you at 3. Make it fun.” -RooskieRepubRetards

10. “I’ve recently begun to realize I’m trying to control my son too much and that it’s leading to power struggles (he’s 3). I’m starting to ask myself “well, why not?” when he wants to do something a certain way or get a certain thing. Some things I still say no to (candy for breakfast, playing in the street) but lately I’ve been saying yes to more things. He wants plain bread instead of toast for breakfast? That’s fine–bread is bread, who cares? He wants to stop while we’re walking to watch the water in the storm drain? No problem with that.” -LampGrass

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