Parents Plan to Go Over the Top This Holiday Season to Make It Special amid Pandemic: Survey

Over a third of moms plan on making up for 2020 by going over the top and stepping up their “Mrs. Claus” game with the holiday gifts this year, according to new research.

Sixty-nine percent of moms surveyed in a new poll of 2,000 mothers with children under 18 said they feel pressured to make this holiday season great for their children due to COVID-19.

The study, conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with online retailer Zulily, aimed to uncover how moms are approaching the holiday season this year and found nearly half (48 percent) are genuinely worried about hiding gifts this year because the family is home more often than before.

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But the gift hiding spots remain similar to years past. Forty-six percent of moms surveyed still plan on hiding holiday gifts in the closet.

Unfortunately, some moms have so masterfully hidden toys, they've actually lost them. Over half (55 percent) revealed they’ve hidden gifts so well that they’ve forgotten where they put them.

But seeing their kid’s reactions upon receiving their gifts each holiday is what makes it all worth it. Seventy-six percent said they’re looking forward to seeing their kids laugh and smile.

And 61 percent simply find holiday gift-giving to be a great way to show their family that they love them – after all, the holiday season is all about bringing families together.

Though many families are staying home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, playtime is needed more than ever: 58 percent of moms are looking for toys that encourage their kids to burn energy and boost their physical activity.

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Another 55 percent hope to find toys that encourage their children to be creative and imaginative while 53 percent will be looking for toys that cultivate a child’s education and learning.

From decorating the house (65 percent) and watching holiday movies/TV (51 percent) to listening to holiday music (49 percent) and spending more time with family (43 percent), moms everywhere are sticking to the traditions to bring their kids some holiday cheer this year.

But moms are also incorporating new traditions into the mix this year. Over half (51 percent) are making their own decorations while 36 percent are writing thank you letters to those essential workers that help keep life moving.

Just like greatly revered — but often forgotten — Mrs. Claus, moms feel they don’t get enough credit for the work they do to make the holidays magical.

In fact, the survey found 63 percent of moms wish they were recognized more by their family for all the hard work they do — especially for the holidays.

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