Operator: Five day-care centres in Essen to take only vaccinated children

In eat five day-care centres is a result of the vaccination. The operator has struggled for several years – and now she was able to convince all the parents.

A lot of happy children frolicking in the “children box” and the four private nurse-day care centers – Mumps, sanguine, and measles, have there no place. The operator Jutta Behrwind has introduced a mandatory vaccination. “This is part of the contract,” said Behrwind the “WAZ”. From now on, you take on more children vaccinated. Parents will be informed at the time of registration via the city-wide procurement system, “Little Bird” about the rule.

The way to vaccination compulsory was anything but easy: Behrwind wanted to finally convince all the parents. After four years of disagreement, have ultimately agreed to all of the parent councils.

Also Rebecca Eggling, days the mother and the spokeswoman for the community of interest (IG) day care practiced the compulsory vaccination. "We have concern that the children or the pregnant mothers infected with which we are in regular contact,“ explains Eggling.

However, among the 400 members of the IG not all are in favour of compulsory vaccination. Eggling reported "Waz", there is also fellow, would not consider the Impfbereitschaft as a criterion for the ranking and the decision of the parents left. “We can’t introduce our self-understanding, no compulsory vaccination, there is this nationwide. It is the self-determination of the parents is continued“, said Bernd Lösken, regional Manager of the Catholic kindergarten Association, which operates 265 day care centers in the whole of the Ruhr diocese.

Also, the AWO of the Ruhr-in the middle of a vaccination for your Kitas. “In the self-determination of the parents, we do not intervene,” said Gerrit Plein, Deputy head of the kindergarten work, the "Waz". Even if there would be a nationwide mandatory vaccination, would not be day-care centres in the duty of monitoring, so Plein. “As a welfare Association and the carrier, it should not be our task to monitor a vaccination. That may be, if at all, only the task of the public Hand.“, he explained.

The nationwide vaccination now?

In France, Italy and eleven other EU States, a nation-wide compulsory vaccination. The professional Association of child and youth doctors in Germany, speaks also in favour of such a law. President Thomas Fischbach told the Waz that a vaccination is necessary, to measles and rubella to eradicate. Thus, a disease could not break out, should be vaccinated 95 percent of the population.

Many people would forget the Vaccination, according to Fischbach, but, or, for ideological reasons, reject it. With fatal consequences: Unvaccinated children live exposed to dangerous diseases. "You endanger other people, for example, infants and small children, who could not be vaccinated, but adults, coming from countries to the us, where it is not is thoroughly vaccinated. People are dying of diseases that were long ago eradicated if all parents would equally behave responsibly,“ says Fischbach.

Opponents permanent fear damage

However, this is the opinion of all the representatives of the professional world do not share. “A vaccination will do more harm than good,” said the spokeswoman for the Robert Koch-Institute, Susanne Glasmacher of the newspaper. “Forced you to achieve just that.” The biggest Problem is the negligence of the parents was, according to 96 percent of the children could have at the time of Enrolment, no measles-Mumps-red chalk-vaccination. Vaccination

The second, for the preservation of the protection of a very important vaccine had 93 percent of the children. Also in the case of adults, the Numbers were no better: More than 40 percent of 18 – to 44-Year-old was missing, according to the newspaper, the full protection against measles.