Keira Knightley Reveals Daughter 'Decided to Get Up and Start Walking' at 9 Months: 'Not Ready'

Keira Knightley's got a walker on her hands!

The Misbehaviour actress gave some rare insight into her life as a mom during her Tuesday appearance on The Tonight Show, discussing how she, husband James Righton and their two daughters — Delilah, 1, and Edie, 5 — have been faring amid the ongoing COVID-19 global health crisis.

One thing they may have taken for granted initially was baby Delilah's then-immobile state when the pandemic started picking up. But she threw her parents for a loop when she skipped the crawling phase altogether.

"We went into lockdown when she was about 6 months [old], so she's had a very strange life," Knightley, 35, told host Jimmy Fallon. "And that sort of involved my then-4-year-old, who turned 5 in lockdown, running around [her baby sister] a lot, because we couldn't go out."

Perhaps as a result, "The baby, who I thought would be [sitting] and very easy to look after for quite a while, at 9 months, just decided to get up and start walking," she added.

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Knightley joked that she "didn't even think" her child walking at 9 months old "was possible," as "it didn't look physically possibly" because of the size of her feet.

"Big butts and tiny little feet," she added, smiling. "I think, at any other point, if we hadn't been locked down, I would've been like, 'Whoa, my kid's a genius!' And as it was, I was just like, 'Sit the f— down. We are not ready for this, as well.' "

In fact, Delilah "didn't crawl at all," said the mom of two, adding with a laugh, "We put her on her belly to crawl and she'd look at you like, 'What the f— are you doing? I'm not doing this.' "

As for Edie, her previous PAW Patrol obsession is gone and has been replaced with something a little closer to home, albeit perhaps unexpected: The Beatles!

"It's fun, but it's really obsessive," Knightley told Fallon, 46. "The films aren't that great, but we watch the films on a loop. … She literally knows all the words to [A] Hard Day's Night."

And while Beatlemania may have occurred about 50 years before she was born, Edie (whose musical obsession last year was Kate Bush) has listened to the legendary British music group for "nine hours solidly" as her personal record — and even has a favorite member.

"Every time Paul McCartney comes on the screen, she just screams," Knightley said. "And we didn't even tell her that was a thing with The Beatles, that people scream. But she just has this natural reaction where she must scream at Paul McCartney every time she sees him. … It's quite weird."

The Love Actually actress credits her musician husband Righton, 37, for getting Edie into The Beatles, revealing that the little girl's favorite album is Abbey Road and her favorite song is, "Oh! Darling."

Knightley said that Edie has just gone back to school in person and the other students "obviously think she's a bit weird because they're not into The Beatles," joking, "I think that's what we managed to do in lockdown was create a Beatles maniac but maybe reading and writing, not so much."

"What she wants for her birthday party when she's 6 is a Beatles birthday party. And she wants it Sgt. Pepper's-themed and she wants to go as Paul McCartney, which I'm so hoping happens. But she's back at school and all the kids are looking at her like she's a freak and it's [probably] going to be a princess sparkly unicorn party," the star shared. "The walrus man will maybe come into the princess sparkly party at some point."

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