Doctors have denied the main myths about water

In sports and magazines talk about the advantages of water with alluring regularity.
In social systems, there are many and often contradictory data about this. Experts dismantled popular misconceptions and located out when, with what form and quantity to make use of water.

1. Drink eight glasses each day.

The formula of eight glasses roams from magazine to journal. This absurdly simplified rule, printed within the foreign press as soon as 1945, assumes the liquid consumed (including with food) each day is going to be equal to roughly two liters water. Water could be consumed in all forms: in soup, juices, fruits and vegetables, tea. However the phrase ?drink eight portions of water a day? is taken literally.
Two liters – the typical value, appropriate for any healthy adult, not involved in physical labor. Women and men, athletes and workers in offices, residents of cold and warm countries need superiority water.
It is advisable to concentrate on thirst. Wish to drink – drink. The primary factor – to pay for losing water that gives metabolic process, that is particularly important for individuals who’re overweight. Scientists in the Indian Medical College in Navi Mumbai conducted research on someone 18-23 years of age who drank half a liter water each day for eight days. In the finish from the experiment, the load from the subjects decreased.
Consuming pure water can also be useful. Unlike juices, coffee or milk, water doesn’t contain caffeine, fats, carbohydrates along with other substances that can break the body when it’s excessively consumed.
This Year, researchers discovered that consuming water before meals reduces calorie consumption.

2. Have to drink canned water

This misconception is based on completely objective data around the poor of plain tap water. But when in the tap flows the right sanitary standards or even the water which has undergone the filter, it is sufficient to boil it. Filter change regularly.
Manufacturers produce distilled and standard water. Because of the sodium content of standard water is helpful to make use of during exercise. However, if the water is curative, it can’t be drunk to quench your thirst.

3. Consuming while eating isn’t good

It’s funny, but people state that, convinced of the advantages of soups and also the risks of eating bread without food. Actually, washing lower food with water, we assist the stomach to digest the meals eaten.

4. Consuming during being active is dangerous.

Older Soviet athletes sometimes state that liquid drunk during exercise increases bloodstream volume, resulting in the heart to create more effort at the office. Actually, everything is the opposite. When fluid sheds, bloodstream becomes thicker. This complicates the job from the heart muscle. Nutritionists and trainers are encouraged to drink anytime training, in addition to pre and post it. The primary factor – don’t drink an excessive amount of.

5. Don’t drink an excessive amount of

This statement is really a half myth. The thesis that excessive consuming prevents slimming down doesn’t have any scientific basis, because we keep in mind that water provides our metabolic process. Excess water is passed in the body the natural way. When the body has a tendency to save fluid, see a physician.
To harm your body with water, you have to drink a variety of it, possibly even upon your will. Scientists in the Institute of Neurophysiology and Mental Health in Melbourne reason that when water is consumed more than standard, a mechanism that suppresses the swallowing reflex is activated within the mind.
Greater than three liters to have an hour to consume isn’t suggested, specifically for athletes. During exercise, sodium is taken away in the body. Its deficiency in the intake of water results in hyponatremia, where the liquid isn’t passed in the body, but builds up within the cells.

6. Consuming lots of fluids helps fight ARVI and hangover.

Lots of people realize that throughout a cold, you have to stay well hydrated, although not everybody understands why. Alone, water doesn’t cure influenza and ARVI. It replenishes the fluid lost throughout the illness, also is important.
Having a hangover, water is required for the identical reasons. Alcohol intensively removes fluid in the body, so we have to replenish it. The advantages of a nationwide fix for a hangover – brine – confirmed by scientific data. The salt within the brine helps you to make amends for losing sodium. The primary factor – don’t exaggerate it.