Determined the age to which men are able to conceive a healthy child

Men are encouraged to create a family up to 35 years. This will minimize the risk of having a baby with developmental disabilities. Less will be the chance of premature birth.
Children conceived by men over the age of 35 may be born with respiratory failure and weight deficit. Such children often require intensive care and resuscitation. According to scientists from Stanford University, the DNA mutation in a man’s semen is to blame. It begins to occur after 35. The number of mutated cells is steadily increasing every year. Writes the famous British edition of Dailymail.
As a man ages, the risk of harm to the health of the unborn child increases. If at the age of 35 to 40 the threat is not too acute, then after 40 the likelihood of complications and birth of a baby with defects during childbirth increases significantly. Men over 50 are particularly at risk.
Also, scientists were able to find a link between the age of the father of the child and the health of the expectant mother. As it turned out, pregnancy from a 45 year old man is more often accompanied by so-called pregnant diabetes.