Carolyn Aronson, It's a 10 Haircare CEO, Is Pregnant at 53: 'Can't Wait to Meet My Little Girl'

Just like her business, Carolyn Aronson's family is continuing to grow!

The CEO of It's a 10 Haircare, 53, is pregnant and expecting a girl, she confirms exclusively to PEOPLE.

"This pregnancy was something that my husband Jeff and I really wanted, so we were thrilled when we found out," Carolyn, who shares four children with her husband, tells PEOPLE.

"He was with me when I took the pregnancy test and looked at the results first so that he could film my reaction. The video is so sweet and now it's something I can always look back on," she adds.

The good news also came as a big surprise to their children. "We waited until I was about 12 weeks into my pregnancy to tell my kids so that we knew everything was going well and the baby was healthy," she explains. "Jeff and I have a blended family of four children and the oldest is 20, so they certainly didn't expect the news!"

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As for how pregnancy has been treating her so far, the mama-to-be, who is over 20 weeks along, says things are "going even better than expected!"

"As an expecting mom in her 50s, I'm thrilled that I'm about halfway there and feeling excellent," she says, adding that her baby girl is "doing perfect."

"I can't wait to meet my little girl," she continues. "I'm definitely a girl mom and absolutely love to help my daughters become powerful and wonderful young women."

One thing the couple still has to do? Decide on a name for their baby girl.

"We haven't landed on a name just yet," Carolyn tells PEOPLE. "We started calling her Bean, and that nickname really caught on even though she's the size of a cucumber. Sometimes my husband even calls her bean in Spanish: frijole!"

"We do know that we're looking for a name that's a combination of traditional and creative with a little bit of flair to it," she explains.

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Although there are many milestones that come with motherhood, Carolyn says that what she's most looking forward to is "just meeting her."

"That first moment when you lay eyes on her is so special because it's the beginning of it all," she tells PEOPLE. "It's such an indescribable moment that's a hundred times more powerful than you think. It's a whole new level of love that changes your life forever, no matter how many kids you have."

And when it comes to balancing children and career, Carolyn has learned a thing or two over the years.

"There are a few keys to balancing motherhood and a career, but the most important is being very honest with yourself," she says. "It's so important to recognize when you need a break, when you have some time to do work, when you need some help and when you just need some quality time with your family. Women don't need to do it all and don't need to feel bad about that!"

"Being pregnant and being a new mom can be physically and mentally exhausting, so women should be over-communicative with their co-workers and set up a system for when you can get some work done, even if it's at odd hours," she continues. "The best time to squeeze in some work is when the baby's asleep or if someone else is watching them. When you're with your baby, that's your special time to be a mom, bond with your baby and enjoy the time you have!"

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