10 Ways a Senior Pet Can Change Your Life

  Adopting a senior pet can be a life-changing experience. When we talk about senior pets, we want to clarify that this term is most often applied to cats and dogs 7 years or older. People who’ve adopted pets in this category report heart-warming stories of friendship, loyalty and joy. Some even report how an aging cat or dog has […]

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Try These Tasty Treats for Aging Brains

Mmmm, tasty treats! Photo Credit: Willee Cole, Bigstock.com Want to give your furry friend a mental “leg up?” Try tasty treats like these Salmon Brain-Boosters. The omega-3 in salmon helps power cognition (and tastes yummy to boot!), plus it can help keep coats healthy and even combat cancer. Here’s a recipe you can try at home: Salmon Brain-Boosters Yield: 36 […]

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Pet Care Hacks Everyone Can Use

Pet care hacks make life easier for you and your pet! Looking for ways to save money on pet care? Or perhaps you just need to learn a few tricks for outsmarting your cat or dog when they’ve decided to go for a run…without you! Today, Fetch! Pet Care wants to help you discover the easiest, most effective and hassle-free […]

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