This New Law Is a Game-Changer for Pregnant & Breastfeeding Employees

As Congress raced against the clock last week to pass the $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill, all eyes were on the bigger issues: things like avoiding a government shutdown, funding for Ukraine, and spending increases for clean energy and the environment. But tucked quietly into the bill were two items that will prove to be a VERY big deal for […]

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What Are Your Kids Doing on New Year's Eve?

Are you, like us, facing the fact that the New Year’s Eves of yore (you know, going out to party past midnight with actual humans outside your home, drinking your way to a new year and waking up the next morning with only a vague idea of what year it actually is) are behind you? Have you, like us, been […]

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Maren Morris Opens Up About Struggling to 'Find the Forest Through the Trees' While Experiencing Postpartum Depression

Maren Morris may be known as a Grammy, American Music, and Country Music Association award-winning singer and songwriter, but she’s also quite famous for her outspoken candor on divisive and taboo topics — postpartum depression (PPD) being one of them. During a recent “Sunday Sitdown” interview with TODAY’s Willie Geist, the musical maven opened up about her experience with PPD […]

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