How To Adjust Your Sleep Schedule For Going Back Into The Office

aslysun/Shutterstock By Erica Andrews/Sept. 2, 2021 3:55 pm EDT When the pandemic hit last year, many of our lives changed forever. Whether it was worrying about loved ones or locking ourselves inside for months, it was a difficult year for many of us. A majority of businesses also opted to have their employees work from home, in order to prevent the […]

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Erin Andrews Opens Up About 7th IVF Round: 'I Am Not Ashamed'

Erin Andrews is sharing her IFV journey — her 7th one — and she’s longer embarrassed about it. On Wednesday, the sportscaster shared an essay on the publishing platform Bulletin detailing her “time-consuming and emotionally draining” fertility trek while juggling her high-profile career as an NFL reporter. “On top of being on a special assignment last week where I was […]

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What If Means If You Are Destiny Number 3

Dzhulbee/Shutterstock By Leah Mulroney/Aug. 25, 2021 5:07 pm EDT Have you ever encountered the same number so many times that it almost seems…spooky? Maybe you’re constantly meeting people with the same birthday, or you accidentally look at the clock at precisely 5:55 a.m. and p.m. every single day for three days straight. You might chalk it up to an odd yet […]

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