15 Motherhood Moments That Prove Pink Is a Rockstar Mom

It’s Pink’s birthday! The musical icon and mother of two turns 44 on September 8, and to celebrate, we’re reminding everyone why she’s a rockstar mom. Related story How Working Moms Can Lighten the 'Unpaid Workload' Pink (whose real name is Alecia Beth Moore) has won three Grammy Awards, is recognized as a feminist and supporter of LGBTQ and animal […]

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Adele Is Every Mom With Baby Fever Making a Baby Name List

Baby fever is going around, and Adele’s got it bad! The signs are all there: she wants a baby, she’s making baby name lists, and she isn’t afraid to tell the world! During her Las Vegas residency, the “Hello” singer told a pregnant fan that she is collecting baby names on her phone. “I really want to be a mom […]

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