Black Panther Director Ryan Coogler and Wife Zinzi Evans Expecting First Child

Ryan Coogler‘s next project? Fatherhood! The Black Panther director and co-writer, 32, and his wife Zinzi Evans are expecting their first child together, as the duo walked the red carpet together ahead of the 2019 Oscars with Evans showing off her baby bump. The mom-to-be wore a floor-length strapless black dress featuring a low-cut neckline, which showed off her belly, plus shimmery […]

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5 Signs You're in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Abusive relationships can be difficult to escape for lots of reasons—fear, denial, and dependence being just a few. And abuse can come in many forms. Some types of abuse, like hitting and sexual violence, are physical. Other types, like psychological and emotional abuse, can be harder to recognize, yet may be just as damaging. Psychological or emotional abuse is “the use […]

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Hearing This One Compliment Can Make Your Sex Life Better

It’s great to have a partner who showers you with sincere compliments. But when it comes to sex, one compliment can make the difference between a crazy-good sex life and one that’s more so-so. According to a new study, knowing that your partner loves your body correlates to hotter, more enjoyable action between the sheets. The study, published in the Journal of […]

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